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Experience Rajasthan

Amazing legends of heroism and romance still resound from its equally amazing architecture, that still stands to narrate its tale of a bygone era. The magic of Rajasthan is unequalled in the world for its heritage, culture, safaris, sand dunes and lush green forests with its wildlife. Rajasthan is often expressed as huge open-air museum with relic so well preserved for the travellers and the curious of the day.

Rajasthan is an ancient land with centuries of accumulated culture, tradition, history and mythology. This desert landscape was once a sea bed and the sand on the surface of the desert ripples as if in memory of the shimmery waters that once lay here. Even centuries ago man journeyed to its heartland and built civilizations that have left modern archaeologists confounded. Rajasthan was also India's first important link to Europe with trade caravans carrying all manner of exotic goods all the way to China passing through the Thar desert and beyond. Its kings were the Rajputs of the brave kshatriya clan, they built its towns and cities with great dedication and fought bravely to protect them. Their legacy still lives on in every facade of each beautiful palace and fort that stands proud in this land.