Brahma Temple

Lying beyond the Nagaparvat and Anasagar Lake in Pushkar is the Brahma temple of Rajasthan, India

A popular pilgrimage of Hindus, the Brahma temple, Pushkar is the only temple of Lord Brahma in India. The legend is that Lord Brahma performed a Yagna here, along with all the gods and goddesses. It is also believed that a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma and fell in the valley of Pushkar. Immediately after, Sarovar Lake appeared miraculously at that place.

The Brahma temple is constructed of marble, in southern style. Also, the floor of the temple is decorated with a silver turtle. The temple houses a statue of Lord Brahma in a palthi (seated) position. The temple also comprises of an image of Lord Vishnu, life sized dwarpals (door men) and Garuda pillars (a mythical bird, in gold).

About Pushkar

Pushkar is a small, mellow town with no vehicle traffic on the main street. There are over 400 temples in Pushkar. Some of the important temples are dedicated to Brahma, Raghunath, Varaha, Savitri ,and Gayatri. It is famous for the Camel Fair, which takes place here in Oct/Nov. Alcohol and meat are supposed to be banned here. Pushkar is on the edge of the Rajasthan desert, ten km northwest of Ajmer, 400 km southwest of Ajmer, 400 km southwest of Delhi, and 145 km southwest of Jaipur.

It is said that Lord Brahma's lotus flower fell in three separate places in the Pushkar area, and water came from the ground at each place. They are located within a radius of six miles. Senior Pushkar, where the hotels are located, is considered the most holy place, because the lotus fell here first. Middle Pushkar is 3 km down the road and has a small Hanuman temple and a 200-year-old banyan tree. New (Junior) Pushkar, 3 km further north, has a small Krishna temple. As Brahma threw the pushpa (flower) with his kar (hand), so the place received the name Pushkar.

Other Attractions

Though famous for its temples, it's more than just a temple town, there's much to explore here in its maze of whitewashed ghats, temples, ashrams and dharamshalas encircling the lake. Pushkar attracts a huge number of tourists, Sadhu's by the hordes, a lot of foreigners keen to learn yoga and study spirituality, camel traders and their beasts, the backpackers and also a fair bit of hippies. This wonderfully eclectic mix gives it a unique culture, one worth exploring and being a part of. Take a stroll, hang around the lake side, relax, socialize, be amazed about so many things that happen around you and eat in the extremely cheap buffet style restaurants. Shop in the Sadar bazaar, learn yoga and meditation, get a soothing massage at the end of the day, enjoy its laid back atmosphere and acquire some well deserved peace of mind.

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