Arts & Craft of Rajasthan

A unique range of art and crafts of Rajasthan have been captivating the heart of entire world for many decades. Be it the exquisite artistry of murals or paintings or wood craft or the beaming of multi-colured tie and dye garments, the royalty of Rajasthan is present in every aspect of its art and craft.

Imperial Artistry That Fascinate

Rajasthan is a home to astounding varieties of traditional arts and cultural crafts. It is a place, where tourists can find century old skills, which continues to produce some of the best artistic and exciting wares in the brilliant soil of Rajasthan.

This beautifully accomplished art and crafts are admired and preserved not only by the localities of the region, but also a popular attraction for international visitors around the globe. Today, Rajasthan has earned a immense popularity, due to its rich handicrafts, which is also a striking part of the Rajasthan culture. If you are interested to buy some of these unique artifacts, than do not miss the opportunity to try the bustling bazaars, fairs & festivals in the glittering soil of Rajasthan.

The Art And Craft Hubs Of Rajasthan !!!

Nearly 40 km in the north of Udaipur, you can look for Rajasthan's Terracotta, which is continuously practice almost in all the villages near Udaipur and was once linked with the civilization of the Indus. Here you can get beyond the utility items like pots and pitchers, notable are the votive images and plaques of deities particularly from Molela.

Moving on to Jaipur, you can look for thriving Blue Pottery, dates back to the 16th century, when the influences of China Man Singh I of Amber through his contacts with the Mughal rulers of Delhi. Among the textiles, it is the women's tie-and-dye odhnis and the block printed Dresses that are the most distinct and these techniques are now put to use in modern garments, bed-spreads and table-cloths.

Even the famous and fine weave of the Kota-doria sarees of Udaipur and Jaipur, is much demanded fabric amongst the international tourists at the time of approaching summers. Gold and silver khari printing, ajrakh, appliqued and embroidered textiles, abound in the much travelled cities of Rajasthan. Even the carpet and durrie industry has been revitalised to suit the tastes of modern buyers.

However, if you are a unique jewellry lover, than Jaipur is the renowned city to pick the antique meenakari work, coloured glasses, and gleaming silver. In Jaipur you can also look for Leather-ware, particularly the famous and popular embroidered jooties. Today even the designer hand-bags with graphic embroideries make a good buy. Whereas, wood, metal and Stone are used by today's craft persons to create decorative and utility items that shoppers often find irresistible.

Even the Rajasthan paintings, which are world renowned is easily available at the well-known schools of painting like Marwar, Hadoti, Kishangarh, Mewar, Dhundhar and Alwar. Here the visitors can get the finest quality of miniature paintings, that continue to be fabricated in Rajasthan.

You will be amazed with the beautiful combination of colours, which is done on both paper as well as on cloth and the different regions maintain their own style, known as different schools of paintings. Rajasthan is also known for its traditional art. The block prints, tie and die prints, Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints, Zari embroidery are some of the major export products from Rajasthan.

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